项目合作伙伴 Big River Park Conservancy, Big River Strategic Initiative, Ducks Unlimited

Through a partnership and creation of a new nonprofit organization in West Tennessee, 尊龙d88ag旗舰厅正在协助购买, 恢复, 和保护近1,500英亩 of land along the Mississippi River across from downtown Memphis. TennGreen seeks to ensure the future of this land as a destination park and nature preserve by purchasing, 恢复, and permanently protecting this land in order to restore native vegetation, 加强生态系统功能, and enable Big River Park to serve the ever-growing recreational and outdoor needs of Memphis, 西孟菲斯, 和周围的社区.

位于孟菲斯, Tennessee’s vibrant Downtown and the growing tourism amenities of 西孟菲斯,阿肯色州, 大约1,沿着密西西比河西岸有500英亩的土地. 从I-55访问, I-40, the Levee Trail (a mixed-use trail network spanning over 110 miles with seven miles of established trails in Big River Park), 通过新建的大河交叉人行天桥到达孟菲斯市中心, this mosaic of field and floodplain forest provides a one-of-a-kind view of the city skyline.

This is a one-time opportunity to restore wetlands that feed into the Mississippi River, while cultivating recreational amenities and adding tourism opportunities for the Mid-South Region. This critical portion of the Mississippi River waterfront is currently controlled by multiple landowners. Some of these landowners have generously allowed limited development of multi-use trails and public access to a small portion of the land for walking, 慢跑, 和骑自行车. 这个“概念验证”公园已经得到了很好的接受和使用.

一个新的501 (c) 3, 大河公园管理局(BRPC), 是否成立支持收购, 恢复, 维护, 及永久管理该公园. 这一努力包括购买整个1,500英亩, 扩大现有的步道网络, 建造额外的公园设施, 恢复自然特征, 用保育地役权永久保护这片土地, and securing the financial resources to sustain park management and operations.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire and assemble the land and secure the future of Big River Park or risk losing public access to this land forever. There are three stages to creating the Big River Park: assemblage via acquisition, 修复和增强, 并永久保护这片土地.


This critical portion of the Mississippi River waterfront is currently subdivided into multiple ownerships. Some of these landowners have already established a community vision of a riverfront park by investing in the construction of a trail system and inviting public access. 然而, 没有单一的所有权, the opportunity to ensure Big River Park and potential amenities will fade.

目前, 146 acres in the proposed park area have been purchased by TennGreen and another 270 acres by BRPC. These are key parcels, serving as the gateway to the remaining park site. 另外, TennGreen has an 18-month option to purchase another approximately 800 acres, and positive conversations and negotiations with the remaining landowners are in progress to complete the assemblage of the 1,占地500英亩的公园. BRPC and TennGreen stand ready to purchase the remaining properties once funding is secured.


一旦财产被收购, a comprehensive park master plan will be commissioned with input from the community, 关键利益相关者, 和项目合作伙伴. The plan will incorporate wetlands 恢复 and create recreation amenities such as hiking trails, 连接到邻近110英里长的河堤步道的自行车道, 事件空间, 还有被动玩耍和自然解释的区域. The park properties consist of wetlands and floodplains that have been converted to agricultural uses, largely degrading the water quality of the Mississippi River which periodically floods the land.

一旦修复完成, 因为密西西比河的水位一年到头都在波动, 泛滥平原将吸收并留住上涨的水, 在这个过程中, 冲积平原上的植物将过滤污染物, 农业土壤退化, and debris from the floodwaters before returning cleaner water to the river. 保护土地, 恢复本地植被, and re-creating functioning wetlands and bottomland hardwood habitats will restore the natural ecological processes that are paramount to wildlife and water quality and essential for a healthy ecosystem.

另外, this ecosystem provides many educational and programming opportunities for children all across the Mid-South. TennGreen and BRPC have engaged with Ducks Unlimited to assist with fundraising for the acquisition and to plan, 执行, 并维护湿地恢复工作, and to integrate the 恢复 work into their programs focused on conservation education. 西孟菲斯,阿肯色州 will soon be welcoming new hotel and gaming visitors to its city center near the proposed park site. 每年有1300万游客, 孟菲斯已经是一个国际旅游目的地, 随着一波新的建设和振兴的浪潮正在进行, 预计还会有更多的增长.

Big River Park will be a recreational destination—connecting the two cities via bike, 脚, and even boat—and elevating the profile of 西孟菲斯 and eastern 阿肯色州 by providing nature- and recreation-based activities that will generate both awareness and economic benefits.


The newly-formed Big River Park Conservancy will own and operate Big River Park as a publicly-accessible nature preserve with compatible recreational amenities. 承诺永久保护现场, founding board members of BRPC will work with TennGreen to place a conservation easement on the property.

While the easement will intentionally encourage public access and permit the construction of trails and other low-impact 公园的设施, it will purposefully prohibit incompatible development and future subdivision. 除了保护地役权, a significant endowment will be established to provide funding for staff, 公园的设施, 教育及康乐活动, 以及永久的一般维护. The Conservancy’s endowment and the conservation easement held by TennGreen will secure the future of Big River Park for generations to come.

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