Lewis County

Big Swan Headwaters

PROJECT PARTNERS Swan Conservation Trust

In 2017, TennGreen and the Swan Conservation Trust partnered to protect 1,358 acres adjacent to The Farm with a conservation easement. The conservation easement will forever protect the forests, streams, and seeps throughout the property.

In 1997, the visionary members of SCT began the long journey of purchasing and piecing together the 1,300+ acres of wetlands and mature forests. Forests provide significant habitat for disappearing species of animals and plants, whose homes are lost to development and changes in the natural landscape. Forests are also important for the contribution they make in regulating the composition of Earth’s atmosphere.

Scientists now believe that rapid deforestation in many parts of the world is at least partially responsible for the apparent climate changes we are experiencing. Forests contribute to pristine water quality of both streams and groundwater, which are important drinking water supply sources in Tennessee. Since the SCT owns the land, their board approached TennGreen to create and uphold the easement in perpetuity. By holding the easement, TennGreen takes on the promise of preservation; each year, TennGreen will be responsible for monitoring the property to ensure there is no infringement on the easement restrictions.


“The Board of Swan Conservation Trust and its loyal members are proud to be in partnership with TennGreen to protect the natural treasures of Big Swan Headwaters Preserve, to ensure the security of its wildlife habitat in perpetuity, and to provide enjoyment for future generations,”

James Eagle Moore, SCT’s new President