Dyer County

Nunn Farm


In 2020, TennGreen Land Conservancy and the Nunn Family permanently protected 702 acres of working farmland just outside of Dyersburg, Tennessee with a conservation easement.

TennGreen Land Conservancy, who will hold the easement in perpetuity, will annually monitor the property to ensure that the conditions stipulated in the easement are upheld. Conservation of this land will also protect approximately one-quarter of a mile of land along the Forked Deer River.

Conservation easements are voluntary, legal agreements designed to forever protect important natural resources from detrimental land practices. Landowners choose the restrictions that are placed on the land, including future development, timbering or forest management, mining, and subdividing the land. The easement allows for the land to stay in private ownership while allowing for continued use of healthy agricultural and forest management practices. By conserving a property with a conservation easement, landowners can preserve their vision for the land and create a lasting legacy.

“West Tennessee is a mix of beautiful rolling hills and bottom ground. This farm sits on the top of the Mississippi River bluff and has the Forked Deer river running alongside the bluff on the farm’s northern side. Protecting open spaces, whether public or private, has been a priority for myself and my family. This perpetual easement accomplishes that goal of protecting this ground from ever being developed while still being used for agricultural purposes. With the added tax advantage of doing the easement while still being able to generate income from the land, it was an easy decision for my family and me. We were thrilled to work with TennGreen Land Conservancy and would highly recommend anyone considering an easement to contact them.”  —Nick Nunn, Landowner